the 40th Day


Music: A. Kozioł & Illuminandi
Lyrics: E. Glińska

After fasting for forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. The tempter came to him and said

(Mt 4, 2-3)

Leave the no-man’s-land; take my hand
These stones for you I’ll turn into bread
I bear the light; I’ll lead you through the dark
Jump off the edge; let the angels catch you

Look around; say what you desire
I’ll give you all, for I’m the ruler of this world
One condition only will I give you
Fall onto dirt like the one despised

I’ll tell you secrets that will change forever
All that nonsense that you still believe in
There is no father who waits in heaven
No-one even cares about your deeds

Run with me! We’ll jump into the abyss
I’ll show you my home lit by blazing fire
Only tell no-one that you’re leaving
Your decision nobody can change

To no-one’s words you must listen
He won’t let you jump – he’ll be lying
He’ll tell you: “there’s no place for your fall
And the promised land is the reward for your toil”