• Pospolite Ruszenie – a medieval folk rock band with two Illuminandi members: Jan (vocals and hurdy-gurdy) and Papirus (drums)
  • Malchus – our ex-growler Radosław Sołek’s band with guest vocal contribution by Jan
  • Rumor – one of our drummer Papirus’ bands – HC/punk/metal/alternative
  • Amaryllis – Marek Domagała’s band (Marek is one of the creators of Illuminandi video for the song “W drodze”) – an amazing combination of early music and progressive rock
  • Oskord – our Ukrainian friends, folk metal with Christian lyrics
  • Holy Blood – another great Ukrainian band, also folk metal with Christian lyrics
  • Silent Stream of Godless Elegy – our friends form the Czech republic, melancholic folk rock/metal with lyrics inspired by Moravian folklore
  • OX – our friends form Toruń, industrial hc metal with faith-inspired lyrics


Discussion boards

Radio shows

  • Epicentrum – a metal show in Radio Centrum (PL)

Labels, distros and other

  • Soundmass – a UK/Australian label/distro dealing with Christian metal (you can buy our albums from them)
  • Nordic Mission – a huge Christian metal distribution (you can buy our albums from them)
  • Nokternal Hemizphear – they sell Christian metal albums and merchandise in the USA (you can order our merch from them)