Is Qui Est


Music: A. Kozioł, J. Trębacz & Illuminandi
Lyrics: A. Kozioł

Do you see all this madness?
This is my own, private world
I build it each day
No matter what the expense.
Where were you when there was
When there was still room to fall?
I’m no longer fighting,
I‘m worth nothing more than dirt…

The Hordes of hell!
Let’s howl with delight
Over our victory,
Over his failure!
A man is dying!
The man is nothing!
His soul polluted
With our evil.

And although your soul
Like scarlet’s dark
I’ll wash it white
With my own blood.
I’ll give you bread
So that you will
Forever live.

What do you want with us, Son of the Most High?
You’ve come to ruin our intensions!
We know who you are!
Just tell us; say why?
Leave us, we beg you!

Silence! Leave him!

As far as the East is from the West
Are now from you your sins.

I just can’t believe it:
You do love a wretch like me!
Now I realise that
Your power is so immense!
Immersed deep in your love,
My body and soul’s restored.

And although my soul
Like scarlet’s dark,
He’ll wash it white
With his own blood.
He’ll give me bread
So that I will
Forever live.

Is Qui Est