Dear friends,

29 November 2013

In the beginning of a new week we’ve got some announcement for you. How surprising it may sound, Jan is no longer a member of Illuminandi. Read what he says in his statement:

“Dear friends,

It feels strange writing these words, but here I am – life is full of surprises. It’s been 15 years since the first Illuminandi rehearsal took place. When me and Aleksander Kozioł started the band, I don’t think any of us had the slightest idea it would survive for such a long time, record and release albums, shoot a pretty epic video, travel throughout Europe… For these past 15 years I have been giving away most of my “free” time and energy to the band. I’ve been putting my heart and soul into it – hardly anything was more important than practising, rehearsing, writing songs, handling the “business”… It was a great time – a time of friendship, sharing a mutual passion, personal growth, meeting amazing people, facing and solving problems… a time of dreams coming true. These memories will always be a source of immense pride and joy for me. However, right now I am at the stage in life where I feel I really need to focus on my other interests and face the challenges I have been neglecting due to the amount of time that being a part of Illuminandi required. This is why, with a heavy heart, I would like to tell you that I have decided to leave the band. I have thought this through and made the decision with the band’s full support. I know I am going to miss music, but I really feel this is the price I must pay for my personal and professional growth. I would like to give my sincere thanks for those amazing 15 years to all, both past and present, official and unofficial, Illuminandi members: Alek, Tonia, Patrycja, Olek, Szymon, Janusz, Papirus, Krzysztof, Regina, Tomasz, Bulba, Melon, Radosław, Paweł, Kuba, Zawilec, Mariusz, Agata, Orange & Podły. I’d also like to thank everyone who supported me on my musical journey – you know who you are! My regards go to all the bands, organisers and amazing people I was privileged to meet at shows, festivals, rehearsals… Perhaps one day we shall meet again!

Thank you! Peace out!

Our time with John in the band is over for now, but goodbye doesn’t have to mean forever. We would like to say thank you John for your commitment and dedication – you were the heart and the dynamo-buster-turbo of the band. The future is going to be a real test for us, nevertheless, we hope we will be able to create music and play concerts with the new line-up. It means we’re looking for the new singer and guitarist. If you or somebody you know can sing or play the guitar well, and would like to try their hand at Illuminandi, feel free to contact us.