#61 Heaven’s Metal Fanzine (US)

This band from Poland fills up their musical canvas with keys, violins, cello, bass, drums, guitars, along with female and male vocals. Somewhat slow, doomy, and plodding, it’s pretty powerful. The lead-off track (“Who Will Set Me Free?”) has lyrics printed in English, but I could swear it’s Polish. The theatrical “…So We…” features a call/response vocal approach somewhat likened to Bloodgood’s “Crucify,” only again sung / growled in Polish. This 15-track CD includes their 2000 demo, their 2002 demo, and 8 live tracks – all of decent sonic quality. Both the live and demo versions of “The Cup” are reminiscent of Believer’s opera/thrash experiments, with its speedy violin and guitar work. [Bombworks]

Doug Van Pelt