the Rider


Music: J. Trębacz & Illuminandi
Lyrics: J. Liebert – 1930

In fear I was running from you,
I was trying to cheat you, deceive you;
But each day my knees so stubborn
Left their prints upon the sky.

You caught me, oh heavenly Rider,
You trampled and you stood on me.
I fell down, smitten by grace,
Like the smoke when the wind bends it.

I lack words to rise from underneath you
And my speech is getting heavier and heavier.
Does one have to lose all the words,
To regain the words like a soul?

So one must go beyond oneself,
And oneself to your words entrust.
If that’s needed, trample to the bottom;
I am nothing more than your warrior.

I know this, and no more revelations
Neither eyes nor my ears are demanding;
Having once made a choice for ever,
I must choose anew every moment.