…so We…


Music: Alek Kozioł i Illuminandi

With his teaching he stirs up the crowd
And claims to be the Son of God
We heard him blaspheme
So we’ve brought him to the trail
Crucify him!!!

I find no reason to condemn him
I’ll have him whipped and I’ll let him go.
He’s saying nothing in his defense
He is refusing to say a word.

And my wife – she dreamt last night
I really don’t know why…
But she said to me:

Don’t get involved with that innocent man!

Which one of these two d’you want me to
Release for you?
Shall I set the Messiah free?


No! Not him! We want Barabbas!

Do you realize
I really could put you to death?
But I also have authority
To set you free!

Your authority comes not from you,
‘t was given you by God
And so the man
Who betrayed me
Is guilty of
A worse sin!