Radosław Sołek


Radosław SołekYear of birth:1989
Current job: a student (history)
In the band: 2007-2009
Functions in the band: screamer/growler, being impatient :)
Gear: a microphone (any that’s available), vocal folds
Favourite albums/bands: Malchus :) , Enter Chaos, Armia, Kataklysm, 2TM2,3, Opeth, Vader, Dies Irae, Frontside, KNŻ, Kazik, Kult, The Gathering, OX, Soulfly, Pantokrator, Crimson Moonlight, Hunter, Houk, Vesania, Death, etc.
Favourite books/writers: the Bible, historical books, M.Martin Hostages to the Devil, J.C Cruz, Father Gabriele Amorth An Exorcist Tells his Story, etc.