Jan Trębacz


Year of birth: 1979
Current job: an English teacher
In the band: 1998-?
Functions in the band: guitarist, singer (mostly clean vocals but some occasional growls too), songwriter, writing and translating lyrics, ordering pizza at rehearsals, being infused with relentless enthusiasm
Gear: a microphone (any, provided it works), Sennheiser/Evolution EW-300 G2 in-ear monitoring system, Sennheiser IE-4 earphones, main guitar: Mayones Setius GTM 7 (read the review on Jan’s profile on Mayones website), backup guitar: Schecter C7 Blackjack (with stock Seymor Duncan SH 59 and Bare Knuckle Painkiller for bridge position), rig: G-LAB WOWEE-WAH > Fulltone Fatboost 2 > BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner > ISP Decimator noise gate > Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster head (TC Electronic Nova System in the loop) > Orange PPC412AD cabinet, strings: preferably DR but (due to better availability) mostly Ernie Ball (10-13-18w-26-38-50-68), Ibanez or Dunlop 1.0 or 1.2 mm picks
Favourite albums/bands: 2TM2,3, Armia (Duch and Droga), All That Remains, Alkonost, Amorphis (Tales from the Thousand Lakes, Elegy and all albums with Tomi Joutsen), Amaryllis, Ankh (their old stuff with the violin), Battlelore, Blind Guardian (Nightfall in Middle Earth), Clannad, Cult of Luna, Death (Symbolic), Demon Hunter, De Press, Dream Theater, Eluveitie, Ensemble Unicorn & Oni Wytars, Ensiferum, Extol, Haggard, Holy Blood, In Extremo, In Flames, In The Woods, Iona, Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil, Lake of Tears, Loreena McKennitt, Madder Mortem, Nevermore (This Godless Endeavor), Mordor (the Earth), Morgion (Crowned in Earth…), Mournful Gust, Nightwish, Open Folk, Orphanage, Orphaned Land, Owl City, OX, Pantokrator, Paradise Lost, Pendulum, POD, the Prodigy, Rootwater, Runrig, Sacrificium, Schandmaul, Sepultura, Sirrah, Shannon, Skillet, Skindred, Stuck Mojo, Suidakra, Spiral Architect, SSOGE, The Ocean Collective (Precambrian), Turisas, Underoath, Vavamuffin, Virgin Black, Within Temptation
Favourite books/writers: the Bible, English phonetics and phonology textbooks, some books on psychology, some sci-fi and lots of fantasy: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Terry Pratchett, Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead), Peter V. Brett, George R. R. Martin, A. Sapkowski, Ursula K. Le Guin