The “making of” our video

11 July 2011

The videoclip is ready and will be posted soon – meanwhile, we’d like to present a “behind-the-scenes” video by Mariusz Szmajda. This video shows the production process of the music videoclip for the song “W drodze” by Illuminandi. Enjoy!
Illuminandi \"W drodze\" – making of the video


Our video screenshots!

1 July 2011

To build up the mood, we have just uploaded some screenshots from our new video to be released soon… See them on our Facebook profile. Enjoy!


Music video (“W drodze”) shooting session photos

28 June 2011

See the photos on our Facebook page… The video will be ready very soon!


The video has been shot!

18 June 2011

The shooting session for our first video, the song “W drodze” (“On the Way”) of our latest album In Via, is over. The band was shot on 3 locations. More than 60 people (actors and cast) in historical clothes were involved in the production process. Expect some photos from the shooting session soon. The video should be available online in 3-4 weeks. Expect pure awesomeness!


New Malchus album!

18 April 2011

Our friends of Malchus (the band’s leader is Radosław “Radii” Sołek, our ex-growler) have uploaded new album samples to their myspace profile. I had the pleasure to contribute some clean vocals as well as some spoken parts to 6 out of 7 tracks on the album. Support the band, buy the album! :)