New Illuminandi Interview on Untombed Webzine

28 February 2011

Check it out here!


Merry Christmas!

25 December 2010

May the new-born Jesus fill your life with peace and joy! May the New Year be full of good decisions, good music and anything you need.
Merry Christmas from Illuminandi


CRN gig cancelled

2 December 2010

Dear friends, the heavy snowfall, blizzards and low temperature that we are experiencing in Poland as well as some other parts of Europe forced us to cancell our gig at CRN. We are doing this with a heavy heart, but we feel this is the only reasonable thing to do in the circumstances. It is about 1200 km from our hometown to Ennepetal and driving in such terrible conditions seems like suicide. Many roads and some parts of motorways in Poland have been completely blocked by snow, we keep hearing about people who have been waiting stuck in traffic jams for several hours. Not to mention slippery road surface, poor visiblity and car crashes which cause even more traffic jams. What’s more, even more snow is expected. We’d love to play for you in Ennepetal, but we really feel like starting a 1200 km-long journey right now would be reckless and dangerous. We’d like to express our deepest apologies to the organizers and all the people who were going to come to our gig. We hope you understand our situation. We hope to see you again soon, in Germany or elsewhere.


In Via on Cross Rhythms

1 September 2010

British CROSS RHYTHMS describes our latest album as “atmospheric and intricate, whilst maintaining its metal integrity”. We’ve been awarded 8 out of 10 points. Read the whole review here.


More reviews…

3 August 2010

Another 2 reviews have just been published on Dutch LORDS OF METAL and ART FOR THE EARS. On LOM we scored 76/100 points, which according to the editors means: “an above average album, but not quite a hit”. Not bad I guess… :) You can read the full review here. The review form AFTE is available here.