Illuminandi on METALSTORM.NET

2 August 2010

Illuminandi profile has been added on (thanks Thryce!). It shows the band’s discography, line-up timeline, and much more! Feel free to visit us there!


First reviews of In Via

1 August 2010

“Enchanting music with a spirit” – this is how METAL STORM describes our latest album. You can read the review here. Another review has been posted on Uncle NecRo’s HOUSE OF METAL (read it here).


Illuminandi endorsed by Mayones Guitars & Basses.

14 July 2010

We are proud to inform you that we have been endorsed by Mayones Guitars & Basses! Jan, Illuminandi guitarist/vocalist, got a seven-string Setius GTM 7 guitar, and Aleksander, the band’s bassist, became an owner of a five-string Victorious bass guitar. We’d like to thank Mayones for awesome instruments and great customer service!


Another full track on MySpace (Reborn)!

17 June 2010

Since some of you were a bit worried by the fact that the tracks from In Via which have been streaming on our MySpace for a while now (“the Promise” and “W drodze”) are not as aggressive as some of our older songs, we have decided to upload another song from the album that would showcase our heavier side… Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to present “Reborn”!

A word to all worriers: there’s no need to be anxious, the album is really varied and contains different tracks ranging from mellow to pretty extreme. There are lots of melodic, folky songs, but also some death-metallish tracks. Ok, there are no blast beats, but we haven’t given up growling or double bass drumming… :)

God bless!


New manager!

30 May 2010

We have finally decided to start working with a manger. Until recently we didn’t see the point in that but since the band has been progressing slowly, things have eventually reached the point where I (Jan) and Wojciech (the band’s promoter) are not able to handle them anymore due to our other obligations. Our manager is Mariusz Bachurski, a good friend of ours. If you want to contact us about interviews, shows, merchandise or CD’s, please email call him on +48 504 681 911 or email him at Neither I nor Wojciech will be henceforth responsible for any of these things. Wojciech will be able to focus on his day job and family and I will be able to spend my free time making music or practising the guitar rather than answering emails. Use our old email address only if you have a specific question to the bandmembers. Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Wojciech for his long-term support, the faith he’s always had in us, his hard work and dedication! Respect!

A few words from Wojtek: Thanks a lot for such kind words – I’m really grateful not only for the friendship with the guys but I would also like to give my blessings to all people who exchanged tons of e-mails with me. I hope that the music that I was able to send you brought you many amazing moments :) It was simply fantastic to meet you during the shows and get to know your opinion. All the support that you have been giving to ILLUMINANDI is simply awesome. YOU’RE GREAT! I’ll try to keep in touch with you – my e-mail: is still valid ;) – but please direct all your promotional and (especially) merchandise questions to Mariusz from now…