Album out now!/Another full track on MySpace!

28 May 2010

Today is the official In Via release day! Although it will probably take a few days before the CD actually hits the stores, you can start pestering your favourite Christian metal distro to order some CDs from us NOW! To celebrate, we have just uploaded another full track to our revamped MySpace profile. Enjoy! Stay tuned for more news!


New song on myspace!

26 May 2010

We’ve just uploaded the first full track of our new In Via album. It’s titled “the Promise” and it’s the opening track for the album (well, right after the intro). This song is one of the 4 tracks with English lyrics on In Via. Let us know if you like it!

Since the album’s official release date is 28th May, we are going to upload another full track on that day for you to enjoy. So stay tuned! Also, our MySpace profile layout will be changed to match the new album’s artwork…

Take care and God bless!


Studio report: Part 8 + other news

9 May 2010

Last Tuesday we finished mixing our new album in Chinook studio. On Wednesday we sent the tracks to High End Studio in Warsaw, where they will be mastered by Grzegorz Piwkowski (Urszula, ONA, Myslowitz). Here’s the final tracklist for In Via:

1. Intro
2. the Promise
3. Poczekalnia
4. Cela
5. Wejdź
6. Interludium
7. Reborn
8. Illumina Tenebras Meas
9. W drodze
10. … i o tym drugim…
11. a Blessing

The album will be released on 28th May.


New song clip/another guest appearance announced!

17 April 2010

We have just uploaded a new song sample – check it out on our Myspace profile. The song has been more-or-less mixed, but this is not final version. The clip gives you a chance to listen to Pawel’s powerful growls backed with our special guest’s screams… In case you don’t recognise this guy: the screamer is no-one else but our former vocalist Rajmund “Melon” Jeleń! Rajmund has recorded his vocals on four tracks. Thanks, Rajmund!


New album cover revealed

13 April 2010

We are happy to present our new album cover. The person responsible for this artwork is Krzysztof Buczak, a young tallented artist form our hometown Dębica. Soon we will publish the tracklist for the album, upload another song sample (check out our myspace profile!) as well as post new concert dates for 2010. Prepare for some more changes!